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Po9nuzrss2cohsdgsbw4 join me in the woods next weekend july 26 28 for two nights of sacred cacao ceremony. 0a 0acacao is a beautiful heart opening cleansing and releasing plant medicine which invites us to ground connect with our bodies and the earth. these ceremonies will include energetic work sound healing movement and breath. bring something to heal bring something to release. open to receive. 0a 0athis journey of unfurling and unveiling has called me deeply into sacred ceremony. if you feel called please contact me. 0a 0adeep bow to the mother to plant medicine to you and your highest self to me and my highest self. 0a 0awalk gently. walk boldly. 0a 0aerinmcmorrowwellness.com sacredceremony 0a namaste aloha love plantmedicine sacredceremony nature gettinggrounded grounded heartchakra breathwork soundhealing retreat energywork alignment sacredspace integration 0a carmelite tah

Getting Grounded 18 month program

Join us for the 18-month Getting Grounded program! Bring your soul's project to life!

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