In this 18-month program, bring your soul's calling project to life. Free your creativity and passion by working with the energetic body and universe.

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Show up for your soul's calling in 2020

By the end of this program, you will have finally brought your soul's calling project into the world. With creative support for mindset, purpose, and business, we are bringing our deepest passions to life. Step into your highest calling. Feel inspired by what you are creating in the world when you wake up each day. Welcome to the journey of a lifetime.


“There was a time in Western Civilization when women were the keepers of a sacred trust: humanity’s deep connection to the natural world. They held aloft our sense of divine relationship to the earth, the waters, and the sky. With the destruction of pagan culture, the sacred power of such women all but disappeared. What they represented is reappearing now, not a moment to soon, and Erin McMorrow is a proud and worthy daughter to their ancient legacy. Ageless voices seem to be reaching across the years to speak to her, delivering an eternal passion for reconnecting all of us to the divine, to each other, and to the earth on which we live.”

- Marianne Williamson, four-time #1 New York Times bestselling author


Being grounded involves rooting within ourselves to expand in the world. It means getting centered and navigating from a place of power, clarity, creativity, and balance. In this program, we walk the following path, and create our soul's calling project together in community:

Month 1. Openings and Orientation: We kick off with an in-person opening weekend, and get oriented for the months ahead with goal-setting and intentions. The full Getting Grounded online course becomes available immediately at time of investment.

Month 2.  Owning Our Power: Understanding that our power is inherent and comes from being a part of the universe. Owning our power and knowing our value comes from remembering who we truly are.

Month 3.  Boundaries & Communication: Honoring our healthy boundaries and communicating authentically comes from knowing and owning our truth, and honoring our sacred yes and no.

Month 4.  Play, Lightness, Laughter, Creativity, & the Unexpected: You are part of the creative life force of the universe. We drop into flow when we honor the fact that the universe loves to creatively express, and we are part of the universe.

Month 5.  The Sacred Sexual: The sacred sexual is ultimately about self-love. It's about honoring the creative life force of the universe, and the universe's desire to express and create. It's about acknowledging and integrating places where society has taught us something other than our wholeness with regard to our bodies and our sacredness.

Month 6.  The Divine Feminine & Masculine: The Divine Feminine strength is like the ocean, and the Divine Masculine is like a mountain. Understanding the interplay is about understanding the balance and interconnectedness of all things.

Month 7.  Review and Integration: Take time to review all of these lessons in your life and integrate them into your project.

Month 8. Prep for Mid-way Meeting: What do we get to create to meet mid-way goals?

Month 9. Mid-way In Person Gathering: Here we review what we have learned and celebrate accomplishments. We also visit what gets to shift to reach our 18-month personal and creative goals.

Month 10. Owning Our Power Part II: How do we further integrate owning our power into our creative work?

Month 11. Boundaries & Communication Part II: What do we get to implement in terms of boundaries & communication to fuel our creative expression?

Month 12. Play, Lightness, Laughter, Creativity, & the Unexpected Part II: As the heat turns up, how can we create more play and openness in expressing joy through our creative work?

Month 13. The Sacred Sexual Part II: How does our relationship to the sacred sexual and our sacral chakra inform our progress in our creative work? What blocks can we free ourselves from to further our project?

Month 14. The Divine Feminine & Masculine Part II: How does the dance between energies play out in our work? Where can we embrace greater balance in what we are creating?

Month 15. Review and Integration:  Nearing the end of the program, what have we learned about our soul's calling and bringing it into the world. Where can we shift to more deeply integrate and express?

Months 16 & 17. Final implementation of project: What finishing touches does our project need? What leaps do we get to take to invite it into its greatest expression?

Month 18. Birds-Eye View & Final Gathering: Celebrations! Basking in the glow of our incredible achievements and growth. Gratitude and a deep bow to each other. Setting your intention about what comes next for you.


A beautifully designed workbook accompanies the program, aligning with each module. Each module in the online course also includes an audio and visual lesson, downloadable workbook pages, a guided meditation and yoga session.





Getting Grounded is an 18-month guided group coaching program.

  1. Bring your soul’s desire to this 18-month container of community, guidance, mindset and inner work coaching, and practices for bringing your work to life.
  2. Door close January 9. In-person in Topanga, California on January 10-11, 2020, and in-person in the DC area January 18-19, 2020.
  3. Program includes an in-person kickoff, midway gathering, and finale, all including sacred ceremony.
  4. All creative work includes embodied energetic work, understanding of the chakra system, meditation, mantra, morning and evening rituals, movement, and breath.
  5. Limited spaces available.
  6. Program includes group coaching sessions via Zoom, partnered accountability, one-on-one coaching and email support.
  7. Group time commitment is about an hour a week. Minimum time commitment to yourself of 1 hour per day (includes brainstorming, organizing, etc. See FAQ).
  8. The investment for this program is $2222.22 (payment plans available).
  9. Book a complimentary 15-minute exploratory call via Calendly to see if this program is a fit. Or contact me directly with questions.


Here's what's included in the 18 months to come:
  • Twice monthly live Zoom group coaching calls with Erin for Q & A and guidance
  • Small group meetings (live via Zoom) twice monthly
  • Unlimited e-mail support with Erin
  • Three in-depth one-on-one coaching calls (live via Zoom) with Erin for individual support
  • Private FB group
  • Monthly optional group work sessions
  • Online resource center and tailored resources via Erin
  • Flexible peer-to-peer support
  • Three live in-person group meetings in Los Angeles, kickoff, mid-way, and celebration!

What’s possible is bringing your soul’s creative calling to life with the support and love of a guide, coach, and intimate community. ✨✨✨✨

Since graduating with my PhD in 2013, I have devoted ALL of my time, heart, energy, love, and money into this work. My job is to transmute everything I’ve learned into being of highest service to others on the path. This is a powerful initiatory moment to let everything that’s been holding you back go and to take the leap forward into who you really are.

You are infinitely worthy. You are loved. You are held. You incarnated to do this thing and now support has arrived.




I am an author, guide and coach. A woman. A light, a leader. One tiny piece of the pulsating fabric of the universe, the grand motion that inhales and exhales, grows, dies, and reinvents.

My forthcoming book, Grounded: a fierce feminine guide to transforming our relationship with the soil and healing from the ground up (Sounds True, distributed by Macmillan), is about how microscopic life in the soil affects climate change, how the soil is a fierce feminine metaphor, and how everything is ultimately interconnected.

I have been working on this project for 5 years, and am currently represented by Amanda Annis at Trident Media. I know the intricate ins and outs of birthing a long term creative project, building a small businesses, and bringing something that matters into the world. My work is 100 percent aligned with my soul, and guiding others is part of my soul's deepest purpose.

My introduction to the shamanistic arts was in 2003, when I took the course, Energy, Power, Spirits, and the Healing Process with Anthropology Professor and gifted elder, Edith Turner at the University of Virginia. My healing path has taken me traveling around the world, through a doctoral program in Urban Planning, focusing on Sustainable Cities at USC, through an intensive yoga energetics and craniosacral therapy course in Bali with powerhouse light leader Cat Kabira in 2014, and I have been teaching yoga, writing, creating, and practicing healing work in Topanga, Malibu, and Los Angeles ever since.





What we create matters. I truly believe we must do the inner work necessary to express ourselves authentically and in a balanced way, to create the world we want.

Our organizations, our businesses, our relationships, our interactions, and our family dynamics, all reflect how well we hold our truths and power within in order to express. Put simply, the survival of humanity resides in our ability face and love ourselves in a way that allows us to build the new world in the image of love and balance.

We live in extraordinary times, and the opportunity to create a better world is rich.

Doing what we need to do on this planet to bring humanity back into balance with nature, will require both inner work and outer work. The inner reflects the outer and vice versa. As above, so below. What is your soul calling you to create?



"Now is the time to unite the soul and the world"  -Rumi



Frequently Asked Questions

This program is designed for those who desire to bring their soul's calling project to life. Anyone who wants to learn how to work with the energetic universe to create their dreams. Experience with inner work is highly recommended. Bring your desire for passion, play, manifestation, integration, and abundance.

The minimum time commitment for this course in 1 hour per day for 18 months. This can include brain storming, organizing, being in action, making space for your project, working with your team, or any number of other actions that will move you toward your goals.


That may sound like a large commitment, but you'll find that as you move forward with your passion, you'll want to spend as much time as possible creating. This course is for those truly committed to bringing their soul's calling project to life.

Almost all of my clients have full time jobs and/or children. For many, working time and budget opportunities is a big part of finally bringing their creative and business projects to life. This program invites you to see perceived challenges as opportunities and stepping into greater levels of your own personal power to bring your dreams to life.

The investment for Getting Grounded is $2,222.22. Payment plans are available.

For those seeking private coaching in addition, I'm offering a one-on-one coaching add-on, for $4,500. This package includes one session a month for the duration of the program.

Contact me via to set up an exploratory 15 minute call.

No coaching program like this exists, and there will only be one run. I got the direct call from Spirit to create this spacious container at a price anyone committed can join.

Personally, I have had plenty of financial adventures during the 5-year journey of pitching and selling my book, and I have learned an enormous amount about how to traverse perceived abundance challenges. The value of this program is over $18,000 and I'm thrilled to offer it at a price that all those committed can afford.

I see this as a rich opportunity to invite others into their own personal creative and professional breakthroughs.

I am also offering a private coaching add-on for those seeking an additional one-on-one experience.

As unheard of as the price of this program is, the duration is equally unheard of. Everything worthwhile takes time. To write a book, launch a business, start a small farm, create a non-profit, etc. takes a lot of commitment and time. This program is specifically designed to be the container for your project to gestate in and be born through. And along the way, you will learn everything I know about creative work and birthing something true to your soul.


Your soul is calling. Something is coming through you, and you know it's time to bring it into the world. You may not know why you’re feeling ungrounded, or what that means. Something feels unsettled, incomplete. Learn what it takes to connect the dots and bring your dream project to life.


Let go and have more fun, create more, find your passion, have a more connected sex life, and live with greater balance and peace. It's all connected. Move forward with creative confidence. Make more money with more joy. Feel confident in your relationships, stand taller and have more compassion at the same time. 


Creative work comes from the universal creative life force. Learn how to know your value and honor your healthy boundaries. Communicate with confidence and grace. Stay in flow, take things easy, and play. Learn how creative flow comes from knowing ourselves.

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